Covid-19 Pandemic
special offer

Due to an increased requirement for online and home learning, we have experienced a marked increase in requests for Newsademic access from schools, language schools, tutors, families, homeschoolers, individual, and students.

If you are in this position and believe that access to Newsademic would help, you can register for a two-month free-of-charge Newsademic standard subscription.

All you need do is: click the 'Sign up’ button below, complete and submit the form.

Due to the current circumstances, our standard subscription restrictions have been lifted for the duration of this offer. For student access, schools can place the PDF files on a (secure) page of their website, LMS or similar. Alternatively, the files can be emailed to students. Blanket passwords for student access via the Newsademic website can also be requested.

Please note the following:
• One subscription per school department.
• One subscription per family.
• Your free-of-charge subscription is for two months.

We reserve the right to ignore received requests whereby:
• Submitted details are incorrect or incomplete.
• Multiple applications are made.
• Where applicants are attempting to take advantage, or are not entering into the spirit, or well-meaning, of this offer.

Subscription setup requires some manual input. Depending on registration numbers, our confirmation email may not reach you for several hours or even days. Therefore, please be patient. We will, in all circumstances, respond as quickly as we can.