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Newsademic Issue 376 Front Cover Coronavirus Covid-19 the world shuts down

Latest issue highlights

The world is shutting down. Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India. His announcement of a 21-day lockdown for his country’s 1.3 billion people is unprecedented. It follows similar actions taken in Italy, Spain and France. School closures are affecting 87% of the world’s schoolchildren. In this issue, we explain how and why the Covid-19 virus has spread so quickly, the purpose of lockdowns and what the future may hold.

Also in this issue:

  • Namibia’s 30th anniversary*
  • Nazareth Inscription marble
  • Pyramid of light explained
  • Nile dam dispute*
  • Curing New Zealand’s kakapos*
  • Greenland’s melting icecap
  • First virtual G20*
  • Comic-book artist dies*
  • Nowruz: start of spring*
  • Saint Patrick’s Day*
  • Manatee appreciation*
  • Glossary Crossword and
  • Wordsearch Puzzle

…and much more!
(those with an * have accompanying activities/worksheets).

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